DIY Rustic Shelves

I saw a video where two lasses advised me not to throw away my old belts because they
could be used to make some funky looking shelves. My interest was peaked. If you want to check out their video direct, I’ve included the source at the bottom. So I guess this post is a mix of a review and a how-to!

Materials used Р2 pieces of wood hand cut to desired length, Ronseal Walnut Gloss Varnish, 2 belts, a 6 pack of screw in brass hooks, No More Nails adhesive, a piece of sandpaper and some nails.

Most of these you can pick up from your nearest hardware store such as B&Q and the use of the Gloss Varnish is optional if you find wood you like the colour of to begin with.

Tip – if you don’t have any belts you want to cut up, I got both of mine from my local charity shop for a few pounds.


The Beginning

Following the instructional video, I began by sanding the two pieces of wood, which was needed in my case due to hand cutting the wood. Be careful for splinters! Once you’re happy with the appearance of the wood the next part is optional.


Third coat almost dry!

Crack open the your varnish of choice and using a normal paint brush, apply a generous coat to all but one side of the wood.

Wait for the sides to be touch dry and coat the last side and allow to dry for the recommended time your preferred varnish recommends.

I would suggest putting two or three coats on to give it a nice finish. Time to make a brew while they dry!

Grab your belts and cut the buckle the side with the holes off but leave one hole on the strap. This hole can be used as a nail point and makes it a bit easier to hammer in! Fold your length of belt in half cut across so you have two equal lengths for each belt.

To attach the belt to the wood I’d suggest a using some form of adhesive as well as some nails. It’s best to try measure out against the wall you’re going to hang them from to line the belt up nicely. So I applied some No More Nails adhesive to the belt and held it against the wood and when dry, pop two nails through to keep it nice and secure. It’ll also help if you plan on putting anything with a little bit of weight to it!


Belts secure in place

The finish line is in sight. Position your shelves against the wall, this may be easier if you have someone to hold the shelf in place, in my case I roped my sister in. Get both of the loose ends of belt and hold them together so the shelf sits flat and when ready grab a nail and hammer through. Rinse and repeat for the following three sets of straps and you should have something that resembles this!


The finished product

Following the video’s tip, I attached two screw in hooks to the under side of the bottom shelf which makes a handy key holder!

In review of the finished product I am quite happy with how mine came out. They look pretty cool I thought and I use them as “Pocket Shelves” i.e. everything I use on a day-to-day basis and what goes in my pockets live on these shelves.

I would say that when the video suggests getting as long belts as possible, this really does help. Better to have too much belt than too little. Also my shelves were relatively thick and chunky in comparison but it depends what on your personal taste!


If you decide to try this yourself, have any tips or just want to say hi, drop a message in the comments below.


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