Brought back from extinction

I sparked a bit of a debate in work the other day and thought I’d share it with you. I asked my colleague if he had the power to bring any creature back from extinction, what would it be and why?

His response was  a typical blokes answer – a Saber-Toothed Tiger. I asked him why and what he’d use it for but he didn’t really have a response. More for the cool factor of having one I think. I moved on and asked around the office. There was a mixed bag of results from a Dodo for no reason to a Tyrannosaurus Rex to go on a rampage.

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However, the best answers came in the form of a Wooly Mammoth, Steller’s Sea Cow and my Pachycephalosaurus so bare with me here.  The reason that made this collection stand out was the reason why – a crime fighting team TV show. Think about it.

  1. You need a battering ram to get in a house or to stop a speeding car, got that covered with the Pachycephalosaurus. Headbutt is super effective!
  2. You need support and the intimidation factor, call the Wooly Mammoth in. It could potentially be used to sniff drugs out with the right training.
  3. Pirates and drug smuggling a problem in your area? No problem for the naval division secret weapon. The Steller’s Sea Cow’s majestic prowess and power in the water will make short work catching crims.

If someday the science behind Jurassic Park becomes a reality, this would make one epic show. It would be prime time on Dave and possibly have all round hard man Ross Kemp as the presenter.

What do you think of our list? What would you bring back and why?



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