Minecraft ~ Digital Lego

The brain child of┬áMarkus Persson, Minecraft is a sandbox game with simple graphics, clever game mechanics and a massive replayability factor. So if you haven’t jumped on the Minecraft bandwagon, in one of its many forms, then maybe this will be the push you need!

Minecraft is essentially a world made out of varying blocks which can be mined by the player. Once collected you can make whatever you can imagine with the tools at your disposal. Wood, stone, iron, pumpkins, coal, flowers, gold, sand, diamond, dirt, it’s all in there and more. You’ll also encounter some roaming animals such as pigs, wolves, sheep and ocelots, some of which you can tame and they’ll help out when you’re in a spot of bother! I have a tamed wolf called George and he has a nice blue collar.

In my opinion the best way to experience this game is to jump straight in, experiment and research as you go. You could work your way through the tutorial level which will guide you through the mechanics and how to play the game, but where is the fun in that? If you follow my advice, you will find yourself in one of the 40+ biomes with nothing but your bare hands and the expansive world to explore.

My first goal is always to make a, quite often rudimentary, shelter with some light and a bed to have somewhere safe to wait the night out. You have to be careful when night falls due to the array of monsters that will begin to appear with one common goal – you. More often than not I tend to dig a small hole which is just big enough to fit a bed and a torch, craft myself a bed and torch and that will be my home. Stig of the dump or what.

From this point you can do pretty much anything you want: create a mine shaft to dig for resources like Iron and Diamond; start a farm of varying crops such as carrots, wheat and melon; build a boat to explore your nearby seas, rivers, lakes or ponds; make friends with the local villagers to start trading; or simply start building what ever you can imagine.

Minecraft has come a long way since its humble beginnings and is being used in real world applications such as teaching, team building, code learning, YouTube videos and story telling. I think games can get a lot of bad press so it is great to see games like Minecraft leading the way to show how games help society and bring people together. I do find it slightly ironic that we now have Minecraft Lego which brings us back full circle to one of the inspirations for the game. Nonetheless, it’s pretty cool.


What I love most about Minecraft is the fact it’s always there to pick up and lose yourself in. It’s the in between game, as in the game which you come back to when you’re finished with the current one you’re playing and it feels like you have never left. It’s charming, easy to play but most of all, it’s fun. You can pick it up on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Android and iOS devices so there’s really no excuse to give it a go.

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