Superhero or Supervillain?

In the advent of all the superhero films being released such as The Avengers, Man of Steel, Guardians of The Galaxy and more recently Deadpool, I often think if I had super powers – what would they be and what would I use them for? I decided to have a little dig around to see what’s on offer and limit the amount I could pick by two.

I found a page which had a pretty comprehensive list of powers –

Looking through some of the options on offer, there were some weird ones. Super Maggots which eat other things to increase the host’s strength and stamina. They must have been scraping the barrel with this one. Explosive Farting, does what it says on the tin really which most 5 year old would think is cool and could make quite a comical evil genius. Detachable Limbs which can be removed at will. Great for scratching an itch you can’t reach I suppose but what would that Superhero/Supervillain even be called?

After a good perusal I settled for my two powers of choice -Magnetic Manipulation and Healing Factor.

The ability to influence magnetic fields and therefore metals sounds pretty cool to me and the most memorable user in comics being Magneto. Thinking about it you could make intricate and complicated structures with ease; stop bullets; make a Renault Clio go around the Nurburgring faster than any Ferrari; or fly around on a metal disc like Magneto did in X-Men 2. One metal disc to Jamaica please.

The Healing Factor is more of a passive ability rather than something which you control. Seen in a few Superheroes, most notable being Wolverine and Deadpool. Worried about a tree being too high to jump out of? Accidentally get your arm trapped under a rock and need to hack it off all in 127 hours-esque?  Not very good at Kickboxing but you’ve been offered £500 to last a few rounds with a pro? No problem with the Healing Factor. You’ll bounce right back from that fall, grow a new arm back and those bruises will fade faster than that tan you got from Benidorm.

In all fairness, I probably wouldn’t be a Superhero or Supervillain, assuming I’m the only one with powers. I’d probably just use them to do stupid stuff, go on holidays for free (floating metal discs) or maybe make the occasional Audi driver slow down below the speed limit. However if there were other people with powers, I’d be an antihero. So overall I would be on the good side but with a dash of sarcasm and the occasional dick kick.

What powers would you pick? Would you be on the good or bad side?


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