Prepare to feel a major mix of emotions. Personally I went through a hint of nostalgia with a dash of bloody hell I feel old. The original Pokémon games came out just over 20 years ago, albeit in Japan but still. 20 years! As a 7 year old with a mushroom haircut, my mam bought me the Blue version because Blastoise. I know the majority of people are Charizard fanboys but come on, Blastoise is a badass turtle with water cannons on its back! #TeamBlastoise

I remember when Professor Oak gave you the choice of your childhood – Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur. Whoever picked Bulbasaur needed a talking to. My nephew was playing through at the same time as I was and he picked Charmander so I went for Squirtle. Playing Pokémon didn’t just feel like playing a game, it was an adventure. You had to train and balance out your team to advance through the Gyms. Sometimes you lost but a quick visit to the NHS of Pokémon – The Pokémon Centre and Nurse Joy would fix your tired mons up in a jiffy, for free too, what a gal.

real life pokemon

Seeing that Nintendo re-released the original Trilogy available to download on the 3DS, I felt the urge to play it again so dug my old Gameboy Advanced out, blew the cartridge and fired it up. It worked straight away and even had my old save file. Them feels man. It’s great to see the franchise is still going because that feeling of picking your starter Pokémon for the first time and heading out is unparalleled. I know I’ll be buying my kids the latest Pokémon out at the time and maybe having a quick play on it myself, for research purposes obviously.

Hopefully you’ve been reminded of the time you first played and the nostalgia that comes with it. If you still have your copy, you should fire it up and give it a blast but if you can’t find it, get yourself an emulator and start a new adventure! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to catch ’em all.



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