An Ode to Mam

Being Mother’s Day today, I thought it would be quite fitting to give a bit of an extended shout out to my Mam (Mum, Mom, Mother, whatever your word of choice is) because she’s class. Hopefully you have been kind to your Mam this Mother’s Day and showed her how much she means to you. I feel with the advent of technology making people connect more online but disconnect in person so we don’t often tell our Mams how much they mean to us.

Well I love my Mam loads, she’s ace. She puts up with my sister and my crap on a daily basis, albeit my sister causes more of it (Hi Charlie); is there when we need someone to talk to or have a laugh with; provides for us even though some of her meals are pretty questionable; but most importantly, loves us unconditionally.


Me and my Mam (mid 90’s)

She has done all of this primarily as a single parent and I think my sisters will agree with me when I say, she’s done a good job on all of us. She is my rock. There will be a day when her last marbles are going and we have to look after her but for everything she has done and will continue to do, thank you.

Love you Mama G



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