A (funny) blind man’s perspective

So I happened to stumble across this YouTube channel the other day and it was amazing. In a nutshell, its about a man called Tommy Edison who talks about how things are different for him being born blind. His personality to be upbeat and infectious, he seems to be a genuinely nice guy. I’d love the opportunity to sit down and have a laugh with him. You really have to check it out – Tommy Edison XP. I’ve popped two of my favourite videos of his below –

It’s easy to take it for granted how much we use our eyes to understand things which we can’t always use our other senses. I love how he describes the Grand Canyon as a hole. His language is juxtaposed in places using words like circuitous and tippy-top but it all just adds to the charm.

This video is pure unbridled fun. Game show/elevator music, jelly beans and plenty of laughs, this is my favourite. His response to getting some right (spoiler alert) is great – I’m on fire! Describing a taste as “bright” is a little odd to people who have their sight, or possibly just me, but I get what he means. Like I would describe an orange to be bright. I find it crazy how his use of vocabulary is different because he is blind.

He has a tonne of videos on his channel. You should really go check out some more, I was on for a good hour or so the other day! If not, hopefully these two have gave you a laugh and insight into the perceptions of Tommy Edison XP.


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