7 Wanderlust Hotels

In the advent of Spring and the lighter nights hers in the UK, a lot of us start looking forward to summer and our holidays. So I’ve been having a mooch at some crazy cool hotels which are probably out of my budget but are guaranteed to give you some wanderlust. Here are 7 hotels which are bound to make you hungry for your holidays.

1. The Manta Resort, Pemba Island

Off the coast of Tanzania, this hotel has its own Underwater Room where you get a glass bottom boat type effect. Being a pretty rubbish swimmer, this room looks awesome to chill out in but still see some aquatic life. They do run some diving lessons and to be fair, this looks like the perfect place to learn. It’s pretty expensive though coming in at around £400 per night per room.


2.Cocoa Island, Maldives

The Maldives are synonymous with idyllic beaches and dream holidays. The Cocoa Island resort definitely upholds that idea with it’s boat houses, turquoise sea and white sandy beaches. One £700 per night ticket please.

3. Dedon Island, Philippines

I have never really looked to the Philippines as a hotel destination but have changed my mind after seeing this resort, this looks incredible! That bar and swinging pod seat thing is enough for me. Get a cocktail and kicking back in your own pod would be ideal. This is a mid range of the hotels so far coming in at about £550 per night per room depending what time of the year you go.

4. Katikies Hotel, Santorini

Typically I think of Greece as a bit of a cheaper package holiday to get a bit of sun but looking through these photos of the Katikies Hotel, you can’t help but think how serene it must be. The ultimate relaxation holiday. Coming in at the lowest price so far of around £290 per night which isn’t exactly bank busting to visit.

5. Marataba Safari Lodge, South Africa

This place is an animal lovers paradise. The views look unreal from the deck and if at least one person visiting here hasn’t played The Lion Sleeps Tonight then this place isn’t being utilized to its full potential.They run safari trips too and the pictures of the animals they’ve seen are on David Attenborough’s level. All this isn’t as expensive as you’d think, it works out for the most expensive rate at about £45 per person per night. Bargain really.

6. Montana Magica Lodge, Chile

Like the Philippines, Chile isn’t really somewhere I’ve thought about when looking at holidays but the Montana Magica Lodge would be the place I’d want to stay if I did go, especially considering it looks like something out of Lord of the Rings. This place comes in at around £150 per room for two people sharing.

7. Attrap’reves, France

This is my personal favourite. The concept is essentially sleeping in a clear sphere in rural areas, there are semi private ones available too. This would be ideal for any budding star gazers or wanting to feel closer to nature. During winter they look like reverse snow globes, a pretty fun idea if you ask me! Prices range from £85 – £195 depending what time of year you go and what kind of bubble you want.

There’s definitely a few hotels and resorts on here that will be going on my bucket list. Some of them are a little bit pricey but the memories, stories and photos you would have would be worth it. Excuse me while I count my pennies and look on Expedia.



  1. teenstravels · March 29, 2016

    I’ve always wanted to visit Santorini and oh my word it looks fabulous!


  2. Jenny Stephens · March 30, 2016

    Wow, these look pretty incredible! Isn’t the world such a beautiful place?! I want to go to all of them!


  3. vasmulakaluri · March 31, 2016

    These look extraordinary! 🙂


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