Nintendo Silhouette Portraits

Hey guys and gals. I’ve been having a bit of an arts and crafts weekend. I saw a post where someone cut the silhouette of some Pokémon on coloured card and fancied giving it a go. Here’s what I got up to and a quick how-to guide if you fancy giving it a go yourself!



What you will need –

  1. A5 coloured card x2 (two different colours)
  2. Scalpel or pair of scissors if you have a simpler design
  3. Cutting mat if you are using a scalpel
  4. Pencil
  5. One photo frame (65p in Ikea!)
  6. Blu-tack
  7. Some form of adhesive (but not necessary)
  8. Scrap paper
  9. The image you want to use

Toon Link

OK, first thing you’re going to want to do is find the image you want to use. I found Nintendo character to have quite recognisable silhouettes so picked a few of my favourites – Toon Link, Pikachu, Crobat and Mario.

Once settled on the character or item, you should look at what the primary colour is to pick your foreground colour, for example the main colour people associate with Mario is red. Then the secondary colour could be any of your choosing but I liked to pick the colour which is most prevalent after the first colour chosen.

Now you have your picture and card, it’s probably best to get your picture silhouette drawn out on a piece of scrap paper either by free hand of tracing. Make sure the picture that is drawn out will fit inside your picture frame! For instance, my photo frame can hold a 15 x 10 picture and measuring it will show 14 x 9. I cut both pieces of my card to 15 x 10 so I had a bit of extra border to sit behind the frame.



Place your image silhouette on top of the card which will be your foreground colour and secure in place using a few pieces of Blu-tack. Then using either a scalpel or scissors, cut through both the paper and the card at the same time, keeping as close to the lines as possible. If you do feel like you are going to make a mistake, it’s best to go inwards to the picture so the silhouette isn’t effected. Once cut all the way around, you should be able to push the cutout through revealing the silhouette.

The next part is optional depending if you want to have your two pieces of card stuck together or just free floating in the frame. I opted to use some double sided adhesive plastic to raise the foreground card slightly. After cutting a few adhesive strips to size, line the two pieces of card up and press firmly. If you opt to use glue then give it a few minutes to dry.



If like my Toon Link and Pikachu pictures, you might decide there is a piece inside which is going to be worthwhile keeping such as the part between Toon Link’s shield and head. To get the alignment right, put the card cutout back in place, line up the piece, stick in place and remove the cutout.

This is pretty much the final product! All you need to do is pop it in your frame, put the back on and you’re sorted.

Writing this little piece, I initially found I had to think about typing the word silhouette but after a couple of times and saying sil-hoo-et it started to come out pretty naturally. If only it worked for sesquipedalianism.


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